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1 Briefly describe four measuring systems that are in drug therapy Provide examples of when each system is


1.Briefly describe four measuring systems that are in drug therapy. Provide examples of when each system is

used.Identify which system is used most frequently.Why is this system perfrred?(1 learning objectives)2.Describe why children require different dosages of medications than adults.(4learning objectives ).Group Assignments:1.Each group member writes a math problem that requires converting between measuring systems.Allow other members to solving each problem,correct answers and educate team members as needed (2 learning objectives). Clinical Assignment:1.Find three orders in the clinical setting that require calculation to determine the correct medication dose.Calculate each medication dose.(3 learning objectives) 2.Aske a pediatric nurse what calculations are used in his or her organization to determine pediatric drug dosages.Why are these calculations used in this organization?(5 learning objectives) web Assignments:1. Conduct an internet search on reasons for medication errors. Find an error that occurs related to miscalculation of a drug dose.Explain how this error could have been prevented.(3 learning objectives).

The metric system
The apothecaries’ system
The household system
Metric system- The most normally used, most precise, as well as easiest to use of all the
measuring systems. The metric system is…