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1 Discuss the attraction of developed markets for emerging market brands and evaluate the challenges they can face when targeting developed markets 18002000 words 2 1) Assess the evidence of the existence of a Global Kids segment 2) Recommend ways i

Businesses have flourished by manufacturing products which are significantly associated with kids (Benson &amp. Hocevar, 1985). The promotion and advertising sector has seen the initiation of companies like Kid Connection and Kid Inc. companies like Levis and Gap have designed special sections for kids in the apparel sector (McNeaL, 1992). There are popular names in the toy industry like LEGO and Toys “R” US Inc. who have modified business operations and made special concentration to kids’ products (Acuff, 1997). Companies have started concentrating on building g a market for kids’ product and have started spending more in this sector. These companies spend a huge amount in order to carry various marketing mix like packaging, advertising, promotional schemes and so forth (Borgers, Leeuw &amp. Hox, 2000).
There are several facts and figures which provide evidence that the market for kids exists and it would become even bigger with the passage of time. Thus, it becomes important to study and identify the nature and character traits of the kids in order to inspect the existence of kids segment which is present globally (Blattberg &amp. Neslin, 1990). The basic behaviour of kids generally does not differ from country to country. The kids always show interest towards exploring new things and they develop their own fascination for certain products based on their unbounded imagination. With the advancement in time, kid has grown an interest towards toys which are supported with exceptional technology (Bridges &amp. Briesch, 2006). According to various surveys collected on kids’ behaviour all over the world, it has been seen that kids mostly prefer spending time by watching television. This is followed time spent by indulging into mobile and computer games and other applications. Some popular toy brands were also identified with the help of the survey. Disney and Lego topped the list as these were the most influential brands according to viewer reviews