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31 The nurse administrator reviews longitudinal hospitalbased data regarding nurse staffing and nursesensitive


31. The nurse administrator reviews longitudinal, hospital-based data regarding nurse staffing and nurse-sensitive

patient outcomes. The data reveal that patient outcomes related to the development of pressure ulcers are better when the nurse-to-patient ratio is one nurse to four patients, as compared to staffing ratio of one nurse to six patients. What should the nurse administrator do with these data?

A) Ensure that more baccalaureate-prepared nurses are hired by the organization

B) Implement evidence-based practices tor prevention of pressure ulcers

C) Continue to collect data in order to prove that staffing affects patient outcomes

D) Develop a recommendation for changing the nurse-to-patient staffing ratio

45. When developing a quality improvement team to identify ways to improve the satisfaction of patients served by an outpatient clinic. who would be an essential member of the team?

A) A parking attendant

B) A phlebotomist

C) A risk manager