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Analysis of Cross Cultural Management of Ericsson Company

The different countries have different beliefs, traditions, and religions giving rise to a wide array of the cultures. The management of the companies has grown keeping in view with the culture of the different countries giving rise to the cross-cultural management. It has become a prime concept in the context of the modern business environment for the development of the business. The corporate culture today is involved in understanding the essence of the different cultures of the countries. It has become important for the companies to understand the cultures of the countries they operate and influence the operations of the companies. The companies in the different countries employ the people of the country who are influenced by the domestic culture. It is important to understand the culture to understand the operations and the activity of the employees in the countries. The management has to get a hold over the culture to influence the change in the organization and to look into the development of it. It has become an integral part of the organizations in the world over and it is not merely an add-on. (Lakomski, 2005, P. 42. Tjosvold amp. Leung, 2003, P. 156)The paper will deal with the business case of Ericsson. Ericsson is a Swedish telecommunications company and a firm in the industry that can offer end-to-end solutions in the sector. The company has been successful in its operations in the world over and India, as a market held a good proposition for the country. In fact, about 40% of the total calls made in the world are routed through the networks of Ericsson.This underlines the size of the company and the prospect, which the company possesses. In the case of India, Ericsson has entered the market at the start of the 20th century. The company dealt in the switches in the electric board. India, as a market of the mobile technology, took a giant step in the decade of the 1990s