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Analysis of Facebook Strategy

In social network development, informational technologists innovate by variegation of applications to encourage more advocates to use its programs and soft wares based on its practical utility. Information technology experts reported that among the 500 top websites are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Baidu, Blogger, Twitter, and QQ (Alexa, 2011). Amazon ranked 11th but this essay will focus mainly on Facebook as social networking utility.Strategists define prescriptive strategy as an approach in decision-making for elaborate risks and vulnerability management. It attempts to provide resolution to needs and problems arising from both administrative and customers’ or clients’ needs (Razvan, 2005). The prescriptive strategy includes the provision of essential requirements for effective (a.) knowledge management style or consolidating information as an essential component in decision-making and resolution of problems. (b) determination of alternatives for decisions that are specific for company’s needs. (c) recording and programming of decision-makings made within a period as a repository of facts which may become essential for complex operations. (d) risk management for situational cases and introduction of treatments. The prescriptive strategy is more effective to (a) identify immediate problems and symptoms that require quick resolution. (b) elaborate understanding about the character of decisions. (c) sharpen analysis using strategies of solutions for every circumstance. (d) and, determination of practical alternate potential solution as the preferred option in case of ineffectiveness of primary identified solution (Razvan, 2005. Drucker, 1985).Stewart (2008), on the other hand, defines the Emergent Strategy as a structured mechanism in managing an organization. This means that an institution is viewed and analyzed in accordance with organizational vision, mission, objectives, action plans, implementation processes, and assessed using the tools of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) instruments.