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Analysis of Political Thinking by Glenn Tinder

The most notable thing about Glen Tinder is his uniqueness in making ease of the complexity of politics far from over-view misconceptions of the subject. The different ways in which this book views politics and its focus on the numerous profound questions is its greatest strength. This is in reference to questions on estrangement and unity, inequality and equality, who should possess, what are the limitations and what are the proper ends of power, and political change (Tinder, 90). For a person, who is able to get the insight that these questions shed light upon, he or she is bound to get a clear view of politics. Tinder uses a hands-on approach of using daily and notable historical issues to support his motives.By beginning to make sense of why it is necessary to think Politically, Tinder addresses any critic of politics and political books. The most insightful argument that is given in support is that it allows individuals to develop their own humanity. In other words, political thinking is an aspect of human beings and therefore, by engaging in it whether directly or indirectly it enables a person to understand him or herself, and generally, all human beings. As a result, an individual is able to make conscious political decisions and be aware of when they are not made. This enables any person to have a basis of argument and intellectual perspective in political matters rather than being swayed by the general feeling.The examination of the value using a paradox for thinking brings forth an interesting insight. Philosophically, it is a generally accepted and appraised trait, where often-perceived self-contradictions by philosophers turn to be statements with strong meaning and sense (Tinder, 138). The value of this is observed to be the ability to quell any tensions created by political thinking.