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Analysis of the Research of Professor Zachary Holman

Faculty Profile Professor Zachary Holman works as an assistant professor in the field of electric, computer and energy engineer field. Furthermore, Professor Zachary Holman despite working in the field of electric computer and energy engineering, he mostly focuses and devotes his time and attention to the solar energy docket. Zachary Holman has been able to carry out extensive research on the solar energy docket of the electric, computer and energy-engineering field and has written a research paper to that effect. The research predominantly addresses the high efficiency of the silicon solar cells. Subsequently, the research conducted by Zachary Holman addresses the vital uses of nanoparticles in electronic devices and solar devices. Consequently, the research highlights the properties exhibited by the nanoparticle and the effect that each property has in regard to the functioning of the nanoparticles. The research by Zachary Holman could affect the industrialists and energy engineers populations in various ways. Industrialists and energy engineers could be the populations most affected by Zachary Holman’s works because of their never-ending venture to produce cheap energy to run the industries. Zachary Holman in his research tries to answer the scientific question of whether it is viable to produce inexpensive power using the full spectrum of sunlight as the source of the energy production. The viability of the energy production by the sunlight rays is at any time of day. Moreover, the research paper by Zachary Holman attempts to answer the scientific question of the possibility of the nanoparticles in the solar energy to produce sustainable power enough for human consumption. The nanoparticle produces energy using the properties that already exists within the micro-nanoparticles. In his research project concerning Solar Concentrating Photovoltaic Mirrors, Zachary Holman discusses the optics technology. The optics technology entails the use of products and materials such as the curved mirrors and lenses. The reason for conducting the project is to discover means of concentrating sunlight over a smaller surface area of photovoltaic cells in order to generate power. The heat skins product, which has a relationship with the research that Zachary Holman is undertaking, helps keep the solar cells cool. The technological design of the photovoltaic concentrators is also relatable to the research that Zachary Holman is currently conducting. A simple booster reflector is an additional product relatable to the Solar Concentrating Photovoltaic Mirrors research project by Zachary Holman. Two axes solar cooling and tracking are also novel to the research project headed by Zachary Holman. Everything about the research project and work done by Zachary Holman was, of course, interesting and fascinating. However, there were a few things about Zachary Holman’s work that I liked the most. For instance, using nanoparticles, which are minuscule and not visible to even the most powerful microscope, play a significant role in energy production. Furthermore, the particles only need to be concentrated on a small surface area in order to produce large amounts of power. Another fascinating aspect about the research project headed by Zachary Holman is that the complex research employs the simple physics of lenses and curved mirrors as the focal point of the project. I would have liked to be an assistant to Zachary Holman in his Solar Concentrating Photovoltaic Mirrors research project. In being the assistant project head to Zachary Holman will mean that I would have an in-depth and sound knowledge of the project, and the project head will be consulting with me at all times. I have an ambition of taking part in inventing a sustainable solution to the increased demand for power consumption worldwide.