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Analytical Brief The Time Machine file comparison

due: Analytical Brief The Time Machine (1964) file comparison The time machine (1964) is a time travelling science fiction film created from the 1895 novel written by the author by the name H. G. Wells. In the book, it states that there was a man from England who built a time travelling machine which he used to travel to the future where civilization had gone wrong after the nuclear bomb (Francis amp. Wells 9).There are major changes that are very clear between the novel and its film adaptation. The setting of the film started in one of the travellers friend’s home when a group of men seated at a table (6:15) was discussing that time is a fourth dimension (7:40). The time traveller’s character could be said to be innovative, confident and determined. This is evident where he told his friends about a machine he had created (7:26). This man displayed the aspect of invention. None of his friends believed that it was a time machine, moreover, none of them believed that it would even work however. they still wanted to see it work and this proved his determination and confidence (9:39). The act of confidence is also seen when he showed his friends how the time machine works (12:15) the friends were astonished by what they saw (13:19). The character of curiosity is seen in this scene where the time traveller travelled with his time machine to the future (and never returns).The first place that the machine stopped is the paradisiacal world of small humanoid creatures called Eloi (Francis amp. Wells 24). The creatures living there were peaceful and generous. This displayed their generous characters when they gave him a fruit to eat (Francis amp. Wells 48). He then explored the area, but when he went back, he found that his time machine was gone. He started to find his machine and thought that his machine was put inside the pedestal. He asked for help from the creatures there, but they refused and left the traveller wandering around as he did not find anyone to help him. The theme of conflict is seen in this scene. During his travels, he came along a drowning woman and saved her, and they then ended up becoming friends. Her name was Weena (Francis amp. Wells 74). The theme of friendship was clear in this scene. The time traveller then continued to find his machine. However, he found out that he could not defeat the Morlocks, he had no choice but to take his new friend Weena to a safe place. Loyalty and conflict are the plot of this specific scene. To start with there are many differences between the novel of The time machine and the film. In the film, the time traveller destroyed the Morlocks, whereas in the novel, the time traveller never succeeded in this mission. as he disappeared in the thin air after the Morlocks thought that they had trapped him (Francis amp. Wells 78). This demonstrated the different themes in the two settings. the Morlocks are used to signify evil, and the time traveller represents good, therefore, where the Morlocks were destroyed it showed that good can overcome evil. Whereas, in the novel where the traveller ran for his life it shows that sometimes evil succeeds. Moreover, in the movie, the time traveller never returned home while in the novel, the time traveller returned home after the first trip, and when he traveled for the second time that is when he did not return and it is not clear where he went. The aspect of the unknown destination creates suspense. The production values are perfect from the setting, customs and the special effects. bringing out excellence in the film.The differences in the two settings actually represent different themes. A perfect example is where the Morlock is destroyed showing triumphant for the time traveller. On the other hand, where the time traveller disappears it shows the time travellers defeat of time.Works citedFrancis, Pauline, and H G. Wells. The Time Machine. London: Evans, 2002. Print.Santiago1951. The Time Machine.Http:// Time Machine.avi 1960. January 1, 2011. Accessed November 10, 2014. Time Machine.avi 1960