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Analytical techniques

Experts have concentrated towards the identification of certain measures that can help in the mitigation of the errors in different fields. Some analytical techniques and procedures have been discovered as remedies to the occurrence, execution and interpretation of errors and these techniques and procedures are commonly used to minimize the probability of errors. (Grabowski and Roberts, 1996, p16)The analytical techniques and procedures employed for dealing with the errors used to be different for each case however, there are some common and widely accepted procedures like Six Sigma etc that are applicable to almost every field and can help the related individual and organizations in effectively dealing with different types, stages and levels of errors. The paper aims to discuss some major and widely accepted error mitigation analytical techniques that have proved their significance in dealing with the errors both at execution and interpretation stages. The essay presents the examples of errors that commonly occurred in different fields and also discuss the analytical techniques that are commonly used in these fields to deal with these errors. (Goodstein et al, 1988, p98)As discussed above that with no exceptions, error occurred in every field. The intensity and effects of these errors may vary from one field to another and ultimately the procedures and techniques used to deal with these errors also vary from one field to another. It implies that the medical errors are different in nature from the business, linguistics or lab errors and thus, these errors are dealt quite differently from the errors occurred in any other field. For instance, in statistical data an error can be occurred in form of difference found between the computed and theoretically correct values that can be deal by rechecking formulas and calculation methods. In science and