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Arab Spring in Egypt and Bahrain

In spite of the fact that the Arab spring involved similar political uprising in several Arab countries, these revolts along with their results differed from country to country. As a result, the outcome of the Arab spring in Egypt was different as compared to Bahrain.In brief, the Arab spring was successful in some areas and not in others. this was dependent on a number of factors. It is evident, therefore, that though the Arab spring involved similar political events in Arab countries, these events were actually shaped by different internal factors and they derived divergent results. This paper tackles the broad subject of the Arab spring with special reference to Egypt and Bahrain. In particular, the paper will address the differences between the Arab springs in these two countries specifically why it was successful in Egypt and not in Bahrain.Egypt was at the center of global focus throughout 2011 during the Arab spring as the residents were determined to put an end to the barbaric rule of Hosni Mubarak. The revolt was strategic in the sense that elections were to be held in 2011 as per the political calendar of the country and Mubarak had prepared his son to take over from him. Therefore, in the absence of the revolt, the people of Egypt had no other means of realizing the change in their country. What made Egypt an interesting case study for the Arab spring is the fact that no one could expect Egypt to experience such a revolt owing to the strong grip of Hosni and the military.