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Attendance, while generally compulsory, is more liberally viewed than in high school. This means that you occasionally are permitted to “cut” without offering an excuse. Those who do not know how to discipline themselves with this feeling of freedom usually cut too many classes, thinking it will not matter. But cuts not only become a matter of official record – viewed as a big question-mark by prospective employers; they reduce very definitely your grasp of the subject. It is assumed that you are mature enough to want to attend, if only for selfish reasons.

Professors are not likely to find time for appointments to go over work with you if you deliberately cut. As the teaching staff views it, you had your chance to get the work but you cut class; therefore, you don’t deserve to be coaxed and helped by overtime work on the professor’s part. Over-cutting is the same as (or worse than) throwing hard-earned money down the drain.
In short, you will have to organize yourself very rapidly at the start, particularly if you were only a C or low-B student in high school.

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