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Balancing Borders and Bridges Negotiating the WorkHome Interface via Boundary Work Tactics

The authors discuss the problem statement by first establishing the limitation of other studies in covering the study area. For instance, they state that the previous work home research at the individual level examined steady and /or hard to –alter variable like demographics and that an apparent limitation of most approaches that studied conflict failed to offer actionable guidance or knowledge to either managers or persons seeking to ameliorate stress and improve work-home balance. Kreiner, Hollensbe, and Sheep noted that despite previous studies being fruitful, the literature lacked a solid means of comprehending the manner people go through and try to avoid conflict. These weaknesses are used to establish the following purpose statements, to better understand the challenges associated with balancing work and home and to explore what steps individuals take to improve their work-home balance, even amid less than- ideal working conditions. The purpose statement serves as a guide for the entire study. The research questions are aligned with the objective of the study. The authors sought to establish the way people negotiate the work-home boundary using the boundary work approach. The research questions are in line with this objective. They identify the objectives of the study and address the different dimensions to be covered by the research. Zikmund and Babin argue that research questions express research objectives in terms of the question that can be addressed by a research.