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Baseline Exercise

Baseline Exercise For Pensacola Christian College, the video introduces the as a provider of education based on Christianity perspective. The video explores the various academic divisions, eight of them, offered for graduate degrees within the college (Pensacola Christian). Further, the school is accredited to offer Associates to Doctorate degrees. Apart from the offered curriculum, the school also offers co-curriculum activities, to compliment on the student life. Notable from the video are athletics, especially intercollegiate sports, and recreation, noted by Arlin R. Horton Sports. For Haredi College, the video introduces an institution dedicated towards provision of academic studies for students hailing from Haredi community (The Jerusalem Foundation). The college has incorporated a curriculum with subjects that build their students towards a professional career. Apart from graduate degrees, the school also offers MBA degrees for their students. Both groups’ videos introduce the college as specifically meant for provision of education on religious grounds. This means that while studying in this college, the major norms originate from the respective religious beliefs. Further, both have a mission of streamlining their students for future professional careers as evident in the curriculum activities they offer. Even though the two have the same goal, in terms of religious beliefs, the kind of nurturing differs exceptionally. Pensacola College nurtures their students in line with the modern culture while Haredi College, acting as un-orthodox institution, prohibits following the modern secular culture. The issue about dressing code is worth a claim for both institutions. They believe that women and men should have strict dressing the code, especially for the former who are supposed to follow the rules of modest dress. In conclusion, an individual attending these colleges should be ready for strict regulations far from the normal.Work citedThe Jerusalem Foundation. Haredi College –From EducationtoWork.YouTube video, 5:42.October 14, 2012. (accessed 1-­‐29-­‐2015)Pensacola Christian. Join In — Pensacola Christian College. YouTube video, 7:05. September 26, 2013. (Accessed 1-­‐29-­‐2015)