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Be offered on the company web site and in the mail order catalog You will useincremental steps to help you


be offered on the company web site and in the mail order catalog. You will use

incremental steps to help you

refine the characteristics of the product. Which of the

following will you perform to determine the characteristics and features of the new


Earned value analysis

Requirements analysis


Progressive elaboration

2.You are a portfolio manager for Love-A-Cat – a nonprofit organization dedicating to the

well-being of cats worldwide. All of the following are true except which one?

You are a senior manager in the organization

One of your responsibilities is examining new projects for inclusion in the program

The projects in this portfolio are aligned to the organization’s strategic business


One of your primary concerns is the project interdependencies

3.You are managing a project to launch a new version of the Galaxy Note. The Accounting

Department calls you and wants to know how much they should budget for your project

for each month. You need to send them your project’s ________

4.Assuming that only 1 resource is assigned to a task, how do you calculate the labor cost

of the task?

Project Management