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Bias fallacies and specific rhetorical devices in the speech

Speech Response Bias, fallacy and specific rhetoric devices of speech are the speaking devices or techniques that are used mostly by the speakers andthe writers. To get into the essence of all these biasing is that in which the speaker places everyone and everything in a same and common condition or category. This is somewhat a statistical assumption. Fallacies are the false belief. The result of establishing a bias is fallacy. Through the wrong or false reasoning the speaker exploits the emotions of the audience because the most of the audience does not look deeper into the arguments that are made. They easily rely on what the speaker is saying. If the speaker knows the art of misleading, he can change the thoughts and emotions of the listener easily. Rhetoric device is a technique in which the speaker wants to make an impressive expression on the audience. The argumentations are done in such a way that the speaker can get the appropriate result from the audience by making reasoning that can either be real or are stated artificially. The result from rhetorical argumentation can also result in fallacy if the debate or conversation is done falsely. Kane’s speech has numerous examples of bias, fallacies, and rhetoric devices. The campaigner starts his part of speech with the words that only one man can rid the politics of the State of the evil domination of Boss Jim Gettys. This is a fallacy as the campaigner is pointing towards Kane. The campaigner has assumed that only Kane is eligible for demolishing the evil domination of Jim Gettys. They have labeled Jim Gettys rule as the evil domination, thus this has established a bias. As Kane starts his speech, he again creates a bias by calling Jim Gettys a villain and dishonest person. He has unfairly awarded him with these words without keeping in view what the audience thinks of him. And another fallacy is that Kane is sure that he will win the governor election since the voting has not even started. The rhetoric devices in this speech are the repetition of the words by breaking the momentum of normal speech and creating a dramatic effect. Examples are Jim Gettys… Jim Gettys has something less than a chance and the working man…the working man. In the first example of rhetorical device there also exists a fallacy as Kane thinks that Jim Gettys will not win the governorship. The campaigner and Kane both have made arguments and have countered the arguments. Firstly the campaigner has called Gettys an evil and labeled Kane as an ideal governor. He has said this without any facts and without knowing the voters opinion. Thus he has countered his own statement. Secondly, Kane first promises to work for the slum child and underprivileged people, but in the next statement, counters his own argument that saying that he is not sure if he can make these promises or not. And in the last statement Kane promises that he will appoint a special attorney for the conviction of Gettys, but he himself previously states that he cannot make promises, thus proving that his arguments are not effective. The whole speech was not effective as the campaigner and Kane are themselves not sure about what they want to do. They are only playing a foul game by labeling their opponent as villain and not the people of masses. Their speech is full of fallacies, purely biased and has number of countered arguments. This type of speech can only mislead the group that only listens without going deeper into the meaning and believes what is said without concluding anything. The campaigner and Kane even know the results of the election since the voting has not even started and they do not know about the opinion of the people. what the public choice is and who they want as their governor. They do not know about the tasks they want to do for the betterment of the state. They want to outwit their opponent just by their statements but fail in doing so as their speech is ineffective.