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Black Writers in America

It is evident that most parts of the writing dwell on the race issue while other parts concentrate on the United States of America as the residential place and the social environment, which natured her. This is the only way through which they express their sincere feeling in their writing works. Through this, they managed to influence other African American writers especially on the richness of the racial heritage in the United States. Hurston is one of the most well known literary writers from Harlem who made a redefinition of the African Americas living in the region, which was comprised of the American development of literature. The issues that she dwelled on included the recreation of Eatonville’s landscape, which is worth appreciating, with the mixture of the remarkable dialect in exploring the lives of African Americans. In her story, drenched in light, she makes it clear about a lady who was high-spirited with a sense of adventure undermined by the grandmother. This is just but one of the real examples of work reflecting on the lives of African Americans. In most pieces of writings created by Hurston, the consciousness of being a black American is manifested in significant capacities (Bailey 41). The other aspect concerning the reflection on how the black Americans live their lives is made clear with illustrations from another piece of writing made by her, Mules and Men, where many aspects of racism are reflected. Conscious about her natural surroundings, she also wrote on the natural phenomenon in the story, Why the Waves Have White Cups. From these pieces of writing, the writer is seen to be exhibiting double consciousness – the consciousness of her surroundings and that of her own origin. This was even made more appreciable in her work in the story Their Eyes Were Watching God, where she tremendously refers to independent women and racial issues in American society. Politics is another aspect that has been influential in literary pieces of writing. Citing Huston as an example, she wrote against American imperialism in her book entitled Crazy for This Democracy, where she states, Did F.D.R, an aristocrat from Groton and Harvard, using the British language say ‘arse-and-all.’ Such statements were subjected to great censorship, including some of her pieces of work such as Dust Tracks on the Road. The main reason was that such statements had the political impact that did not go well with some people who manifested the contradictory mannerisms that she was touching on. Alice also created similar politically directed works that were reflective of her society (Bailey 35). Hurston campaigned for some individuals such as Hoover and Robert who were in agreement with her ideas that were considered conservative. She viewed patriotism as chauvinism and was openly against capitalism. All this was evident in most pieces of her writing. However, most of the members of the Harlem Renaissance were in support of the Soviet form of governance, and the artists including those in the field of literature were encouraged to use it as a political tool, as it worked out in convincing large numbers. The black community was the majority in support of this where Huston made use of her literary work in political affairs.