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This study contributes to the body of scholarly knowledge by providing new findings that specifically outline the key operational determinants of successful call centres from the viewpoint of customers and call centre employees.In order to investigate the nature of these key determinants, the study proposed one research question and one hypothesis. The research question is: What are the key determinants of successful call centre operations which are outsourced to INDIA and what are the more effective ways of managing call centres? The study’s hypothesis is: The key operational determinants of successful call centre management are qualified, technically knowledgeable, linguistically proficient operators who have good communications skills and continued monitoring of calls and consideration of customer feedback. The findings of the study may be summarized as the validation of both of the hypotheses.To reiterate these findings in more concise format, it can be said that this study offered insight into the relationship between customer satisfaction and the management styles preferred by inbound customer service representatives. By analyzing the nature of the relationship between the preferred management style of call centre representatives and customer satisfaction ratings, this study found optimal staffing levels, call centre efficiency, technical expertise of employees, job satisfaction, and the human relations skills are the key determinants of customer satisfaction and the leading characteristics of successful offshore call centres (Broetzmann amp. Grainer, 2005).Proceeding from the above, it is important to emphasise that the study mainly derived its findings regarding the key determinants of successful call centres from the literature review. Within this context, the primary data served the purpose of testing these determinants in the sense of