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Brand Positioning Strategies for Competitive Advantage

Developed a high high-quality with cost-effective technology and thus aims to capture the market by adopting the super value strategy to offer superior quality products at relatively ly low price. Thus, the brand will be able to capture the growing market in the United States and also the emerging economies. Thus, it is expected that the new brand will be able to earn high revenue and gain profits after spending a major portion of the promotional activities. The market for vacuum the leaner is mainly driven by the growing awareness about maintaining proper hygiene and the rising standard of living of the citizens. The global market for vacuum cleaners is segmented along the type of products and the specific regions. The market can also be segmented along the retail selling price above USD 200 and below USD 200. The new brand in this industry located in the United States which focuses mainly on robotic vacuum cleaners segments its consumers according to the social class (Euromonitor, 2015). Thus, consumers can be divided into three social classes: the lower level, the middle level and the upper level. The products offered to the different segments differ from each other based on their performances and price. The demand for robotic vacuum cleaners is increasing particularly among persons who are allergic to dust and the pet owners. The hectic lifestyle of the present world and the application of modern technology have created a need for products like the robot vacuum cleaner. The new brand offers different types of robotic vacuum cleaner depending on the nature of use and the purchasing power of the consumers. The brand provides different types of cleaners for outside and inside of a home, for cleaning the pool or a gutter. The products designed for cleaning the interior of the house are targeted at the low-income consumers. The pool cleaner and other outside cleaning devices are made for the middle and the high-income groups (SmallBizConnect, 2015).