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Brest cancer

Doe Mrs. Teacher 6 October Breast Cancer Awareness In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I learned and shared several facts about this type of cancer. Some things these two people that I interviewed already knew but a lot they did not. My two interviews were with a 28-year-old, Aubrey Myers, and the other was a 82-year-old breast cancer survivor, Mary Nixon.
Some of the information that I shared with these two was that if discovered early, it could easily be curable thanks to technology developments. Both of these women were aware of that fact. The 82-year-old breast cancer survivor who has had a double mastectomy was not aware that October even was breast cancer awareness month but she did know that the pink ribbon was a symbol. Aubrey thought finding a lump in her breast meant she had cancer. I informed her that its recommended to go to the doctor, do self exams and have a mammogram if you feel a lump but usually it is just benign. She also thinks she is too young to get a mammogram. We discussed that if runs in your family, you should get one earlier in your life, around the age of 35 or you should get one starting five years before their age of diagnosis. Mary was not aware of this. Diagnosed in the 70s with breast cancer on one side, she had a single mastectomy then and ended up with the second one removed just a few years ago. We also discussed the myth that deodorant gives people cancer. Aubrey had believed that it was true though it is not and Mary thought it might have some impact.
I was surprised at how little the older breast cancer patient didnt know about it. However, I was surprised the 29-year-old was clearly misinformed about a lot of myths.
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