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Business Plan Decs Decking

Items such as quantity of work output as well as attendance and quality of output will be measured. For each employee who illustrates superior total performance, a (not yet determined) monetary supplement will be added to their base salary in recognition for their efforts. 21Establishing such a system ensures the integrity of the company, as well as satisfying total quality management objectives. The aim is to ensure employee satisfaction, while still building a community reputation for quality products and services. 21Decs Decking and Landscaping has established three specific objectives in the pursuit of creating growth and short-term profitability. which the ownership deems as a viable set of business requirements. These include:The business and its ownership believes that these objectives are highly attainable, achieved through aggressive advertising and promotion, as well as establishing business relationships with various suppliers. Decs Decking and Landscaping intends to pursue its expanded objective of establishing remote facilities by conducting marketing research (customer demographic studies) to determine which geographical regions are most suited to the high-end services that the business provides.We believe that the key to success for contemporary businesses lies in maintaining a superior level of customer service. Our mission is to provide superior products and services while maintaining our uncompromising principles as the business continues to grow. Decs Decking and Landscaping will utilise three specific guiding principles to assist in measuring the effectiveness of our decision-making:Consistently improving on the level of customer service that Decs Decking and Landscaping provides. Measuring this level of customer satisfaction will be accomplished through the utilisation of surveys and questionnaires aimed at gathering customer perceptions of their level of received service