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Canadian politics Position paper

e of rising temperatures, which is the result of irresponsible human activity that are repeatedly appearing in different media (Environment a priority for more Canadians, poll suggests, 2006).Canada has 243,000 kilometers of coastline that makes it the country with the longest coastline in the country and already eight percent of it faces the threat of submersion due to rising global temperatures and the rapid melting of the permafrost (Global coastlines taking a beating from rising sea levels and storms). The melting of the Arctic permafrost due to rising global temperatures makes Canada one of the key areas in which the immediate effects of rising temperatures will be felt. Experiences of this are already occurring. In the recent summer part of the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf above Ellesmere Island collapsed. In addition uniquely high temperatures in Baffin Island Park caused an unprecedented evacuation of tourists due to the threat from flash floods (Boswell, 2008).The growing awareness and experiences of the possible threats from rising temperatures has made environment a national issue of priority to the people of Canada. The importance of environment to the people naturally has an impact on the political parties in Canada. This impact on the political parties in Canada has resulted in their scaling up their agenda on the issue of Environment.Environment is turning out to be a key issue in the impeding election. A recently conducted opinion poll shows that for almost eighty-eight percent of Canadians support in the impeding elections will be based on the stance of the political parties in addressing their concerns on environment (Boutet, 2008).The political plank of the Liberal party on environment is based on the environmental strategy of Green Shift put forward by the leader of the party Stephane Dion. The essential feature of this environmental strategy of the Liberal party is to curb the rise in energy prices through reducing its demand by placing a