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Canadian stock market

Consistent management of active mutual bonds increases the level of professional investment management. The investment decisions are made by experienced experts who have dedicated their efforts and time to following the stock markets and assessing the investments to determine consistency and viability.Different assortments of mutual bonds provide opportunities for individuals to at least meet their desired goals and objectives. I have realized that I can capitalize on the different investment options to meet a variety of needs include making savings for education, retirement or buying a house.The major problem in investing in equities and bonds is that it is not possible to diversify and distribute investment risks. Diversification has been proved to minimize risk in investment. A diversified investment mix of equity and bonds in an assortment provides more expected return than a 100% bond selection with a lower risk than 100% investment in world equities.There are several reasons why I chose investing in the four listed companies: Goldcorp Inc.,Bank of Montreal, Apple Inc., and Tim Hortons Inc. One of the major reasons is that the companies have been making efforts to expand their markets and increase in sales. Increase in sales and profits leads to increase in the prices of stock prices. According to an economic outlook, investors project that the stock prices will increase. This implies that the prices of the stocks invested in the companies will increase. Some of the reasons behind the increase in stock prices in these companies include: Sales increase, New products and expansion to new areas and markets.The companies I chose have been making efforts to increase sales by relocating to bigger locations and offering different pricing offers and improved marketing techniques to encourage customers to purchase their products. Apple for instance has significantly