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Career Competency Model

The knowledge an individual to know how to tackle the problem and make a positive change where necessary. To see the progress and development in the profession, building an individual career competency model and a career ladder/lattice will help. The process will identify the knowledge, abilities, and skills that are important to perform critical functions in an industry or profession. It enables the creation of materials that assist professionals in the success of their careers. Career ladders and lattices are types of machinery that assist individuals visualize and have knowledge about job opportunities as they grow in their career. The lattice offers guidance through the development of career paths for an individual’s profession. Building competency models consist of three blocks that are further divided into smaller tiers. This is best explained in the completed model below. Management Competencies Occupation- Specific Requirements Data management Emerging Technologies Enterprise Architecture Information Security Information Technology Policy and Planning Information Technology Service Operations Computer and electronics knowledge Administration and management knowledge. Customer and personal service knowledge Production and processing knowledge Personnel, human resource, telecommunication, economics, and accounting knowledge. Industry-Sector Technical Competencies Wide Technical Competencies Programming Software development Evaluating the functionality of the system Workplace Competencies Planning and organizing Providing technical support Recruit, hire and train new staffs Academic Competencies Mathematics, science, communication, IT skills, Bachelor’s degree or Masters Personal Effective Competencies Integrity, professionalism, interpersonal skills, and teamwork Figure1: Career competency model Industrial Competencies Install, configure, and support the company’s local area network. Maintain network hardware and software. Workplace Competencies Diagnose hardware and software problems, perform data back up and disaster recovery, maintain and administer computer networks. Figure 2: Career Lattice/Ladder