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Case study report reviewing marketing strategy and operations for Nestle company

In essence, the company’s revenue base has been increasing subsequently over the past few decades. Presently, the company is ranked position 72 among the leading global business firms in the food and beverage industry. The company has established itself among the competitors and developed to be a favorite for many consumers in the industry.The company has established several outstanding strategies for building value for stakeholders and consumers. For instance, the company has established a smooth communication system with the customers and the stakeholders. Essentially, the company has made good use of the modern technology to communicate with clients and the stakeholders. For example, the company has developed a comprehensive website where the information regarding the nature and type of products produced by the company can be traced. Moreover, the company enhances quality production to facilitate consumer satisfaction and thereby boost the quantity of sale. Basically, quality production is a primary approach towards creating value for a product or service offered by a company.The Nestle Company has been of great importance to the society on matters of social and economic development. For instance, the company offers education scholarship to students from poor backgrounds. In addition, the company funds education programs that promote the development of technical skills to ensure that all members of the society possess skills from which they can source their daily bread. Consequently, the company supports health development programs in the various regions it has established its business. In addition, the company is an advocate of sustainable development. For instance, the company has established safe disposals points of solid waste to avoid polluting the environment. Moreover, the company as managed to reduce the use of fossil fuels by a notable