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CheckPointSocial Construction of Reality

Social Construction of Reality Affiliation: I am a working lady and my career is an auto home adjustor. This status was achieved through studying and I have been doing it for the past 15 years and I have been able to achieve social satisfaction. My social status is different when I am at work and when I am with my peers. My work status requires professionalism and sobriety which is not the case when I am with my peers. Even though almost all my peers have the same working class social status, when we are together, we are basically just that: friends. As a friend, I have a carefree attitude, become a listener and offer not only physical but emotional support (this status does not require sobriety).I have recently been taking online classes at the University of Phoenix to improve my job status and climb higher on the academic achievement ladder and my status as a student is different than when I am with my family. My family status is a mother of a son who is in senior year at Alabama AME and this status requires me to be loving, emotionally attached, caring and assertive at times. This is different from being a student where i am competitive and exude professionalism spirit but lack emotional attachment. This is especially so because the class is online and I do not have physical contact with my fellow schoolmates making us estranged.My social status as a working class makes me view the world in economic terms but as a mother and friend where emotions are involved, I see the world as a place lacking in the spirit of love and togetherness for example when people just talk to me about money but not many people even care to ask about my health.