Are Class Discussions Important?

Most educators think of class discussions as educational experiences of the highest order, particularly if everyone has read the assignments on schedule.

Students having trouble will wish that the class proceeded along the lines laid down by the textbook. However, many teachers assume that everyone can read. They encourage discussion of what has been read. As mentioned, the better students resent an unprepared student’s slowing down the class.

There are several rewards for engaging in class discussions: One is that you sharpen your mind. You also learn what is not found in the limitations of a single textbook. And the chances are good that the topics discussed will be stressed in the coming exam.

If the first exam neglects the discussions, or the discussions were somewhat aimless and to a large extent neglected the textbook, you will have to see personally that the next time the discussions are held, they come back constantly to textbook material. This will make it absolutely essential that everyone prepares assignments before class.

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