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Community and its nature

Community and its nature There are numerous forms of communities on the planet and each of them nurture their own beliefs and concepts and identify their uniqueness against other .But a community is a not that appears on surface and has a darker side to it many overlook often times.The cultural differences and hostilities towards other culture is a common practice in many countries and less has been done to abolish this social evil. There is a considerable amount of conflicts in and between the communities which only has lead to fragmentation that unity among people. The real purpose of community and social grouping is to ensure peace rather than rubbing against to spark violence and clashes. Social exclusion and oppression in community Social exclusion is a concept which relates to a disadvantage of a society where in communities or social groups are alienated or isolated. Social exclusion and oppression can arise due to income inequality, occupation and difference in racial background. The social exclusion is a concept visibly connected widely with various kinds of social and economical problems. According to this concept certain groups or communities are considered inferior or underprivileged due to their social circumstance and racial background or poverty. As per the reading, community is the breeding ground for discrimination, social inequalities and social taboos. The very core nature of community is to create borders, limitation and restriction among people to breed animosity, condemn and conspiracy. According to reading, the communities are always afraid of its security and regard other communities as alien beings. In this attempt to secure themselves and their social belongings they consider other people around them as aliens, intruders or strangers. The author contemplates that violence is not originated without any valid reason but is the residue of the alienated attitude nurtured by the rich and wealth class of the society. The minority of people who are poor class are least powerful in the society are symbolized as violent groups. This lack of power and wealth in many sectors of society give way to the up rise of social inequality oppression and segmentation among people. The author points out that if a society is scrutinized thoroughly one can find a presence of division and conflict within and outside of it. However, the society projects a warm outlook which displays nothing but peace, love and harmony. Here the author enquires about the social interaction between the men and women and that attachment arises out it which gives a qualitative shape to the social scenario. It is also been mentioned that historical circumstances play a significant role in formulating social consequences which other wise intended. The Historical circumstances here can be referred to the history of certain country or geographical boundary which gives a certain identity or cultural foundation to people. This cultural identity or foundation can persuade group of people to differentiate themselves from the people of other geographical areas by forming practice and cultural beliefs. Social formation got initiated with the consistent practices of certain culture and historical practices. Social formation is a complex phenomenon and history and cultural beli