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Comparing and Contrasting Development in Germany and Kenya

From this study it is clear that the physical geography of the two nations has played a big role in shaping their population settlement patterns, geopolitics, economic and social development, imperialism, and other areas that ultimately determine development.This paper outlines thatit is highly industrialized and populous country with the largest national economy in Europe. It is among the largest world exporters and is rich in minerals like natural gas, copper, iron, and nickel. She has a GDP of $3.2 trillion, a per capita income of $39,028 and life expectancy is 80.44 years. Its population is at 82.2 million. Furthermore, its people are highly educated with a 99% literacy level (Knowles 36). On the other hand, Kenya is less developed than Germany, although it is the most highly developed country in the Eastern Africa. It is less industrialized and has fewer minerals than Germany. It majorly depends on agricultural exports, which tend to fluctuate considering harsh climatic conditions.Germany’s most densely populated areas are along or near rivers. The first civilization in Germany stated around rivers since people were looking for more productive and fertile soil. Thus, people were able to produce more crops, and allowed every person to become productive.The overall result was the development of the country.Berlin City, the most populated city, is the capital city of Germany, which is located along the river.