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Conflicts among Youth in the Educational Surrounding

The prevalence of violence among the youth, especially in schools, has been frequently reported in many countries. For instance, in Norway, bullying behavior and acts of aggression have been numerous, with 15% of students reporting that they had an active involvement in bully-victim activities, while 7% considered themselves as bullies.In Canada, two separate studies indicated a slightly higher rate of 20% of students that reported being affected by bullying (Tait, 1999). Also, another study concerning Canadian teachers estimated the intensity and pervasiveness of violent behavior among schools through a survey in Manitoba among school teachers, which reported that 47% of mentors had experienced abuse and aggression (Addington, Ruddy, Miller, Devoe, and Chandler, 2002). Similar trends have been noticed to exist in UK and US. An in-depth analysis of the intensity and frequency of violence cases among students of elementary schools in some of the most advanced countries of the world in the present age suggests that there is dire need to find ways, means, and methods to help reduce the number of conflicts among the juveniles in order to improve the educational environment.The purpose of this study is to develop a manual, which can be used by elementary school teachers in dealing with conflicts in a positive manner in order to inculcate adequate conflict resolution skills in their students. The manual will also present recommendations for teachers in order to help the parents of elementary school children inculcate positive conflict resolution skills in their children at home.Realization of ways to avoid conflicts among students of elementary schools will help improve the educational environment and make it more conducive to the maximum delivery of concepts and knowledge to the students. By understanding and practicing the strategies devised by this research, the teachers will be able to gain a better control over their class and deliver their lecture with minimum inconvenience.