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Contemporary Art Trends

Contemporary Art Trends Art has been part and parcel of the society since time immemorial.It exhibits diversity and dynamism over time, and it continues to hold a critical position across individual, cultural, social, economic, and political aspects (DeRoo 54). This course has acted as an eye opener to broad concepts of art, their role in transforming art from time to time, and the contribution of artists in that line. My take for art was considerably static before taking this course. I held the motive that art revolves around historical events, amid encompassing expressed thoughts of an artist. Since the first week of this course, and throughout the elapsed course period, my views about art have taken a dynamic aspect. Art integrates change into growth and development. It is continuous and diverse in nature due to the differences exhibited by artists in their artworks. For example, art expresses how history has shaped the modern society. Contemporary art can be linked to art in prior years, but contemporary art has incorporated modernity aspects that were not part of art in prior years (DeRoo 71).Personally, my everyday experiences have a connection to art. My understanding of art is broad, making it easier for me to position art in my everyday experiences. Contemporary art has been realized through a series of change that art undergoes, characterized by trends in renaissance, baroque, neoclassicism, romanticism, realism, impressionism, fauvism, expressionism, cubism, futurism, surrealism, and photorealism among others (DeRoo 89). All these have contributed to making art what it is today. Having been equipped with vast information on art, identifying with art in my daily experiences is a normal practice. Moreover, an insight into art differentiates between seeing and looking. Seeing is analytical as opposed to looking. For example, looking at an art work presents just the physical outlay of that work. However, seeing goes a step further to analyze what one is looking at.Works CitedDeRoo, Rebecca. The Museum Establishment and Contemporary Art: The Politics of Artistic Display in France after 1968. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.