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Correlation between a Students Social Status and Academic Performance

Members from low social status class in the community engage in various mechanisms to fight for their status by using a certain mechanism in the society. Though these mechanisms are of great benefit to them, they lack ways of pursuing them to succeed to their cost. They work too hard to boost their social status class in the society that they do not find time to concentrate on their academic achievements. Social status is affiliated with so many factors in the community today. They include social adjustments, performance, competence, social inhibitions, and many more factors. All these factors play a major part in academic achievement in school. Other aspects of social status include leadership, aggression acceptance and peer performance. These two have an influence on academic performance or their intellectual ability at some point in life. Social status affects the academic performance of an individual in many ways. To start with, social status leads to biases. According to the US Department of Education (2001), these biases lead to unfair judgment and allocation of the task when it comes to academic performance. In some learning institutions, teachers are always expectant that their students will perform according to their status. Teachers also tend to associate more with the students from high class who perform well in class leaving the child from low-status class help them in case of a problem.Social status affects the way children relate to each other, how they perceive each other and even how they understand each other. Children from families in high social status disregard children from low social status and they mostly have no association. Children from low-status families lack the necessary education facilities like books, writing materials, libraries etc. This makes it very hard for them to do their research and finding the necessary material to help in academic performance. These children do not a chance to go to daycare units, baby class, kindergartens. as a result, their level of education when they join the nursery class level is still lower than those children who attended the other units of learning before joining nursery or grade one level.