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Critic on Child Abuse Advert

Today studies show that one among four girls and one among eight boys are abused before the ages of 18 and that approximately one in twenty kids are physically abused each year. It is also not very easy to recognize when a child has been abused, most abused children are often shy to complain because they are afraid that they might be blamed or that no one might believe them. To make the matter worse, the person who abuses them could be a parent or a guardian whom they love most hence becomes very difficult for these kids to espouse them. This, therefore, calls for somebody to speak on behalf of these kids and that’s exactly what the ad is trying to do, speaking for the child (BECKETT, H., amp. PEARCE, J. J. (2018). The context of the advertRegarding the context of the ad, I absolutely support the advert. Just like I have stated in the above paragraph, most of these kids are abused by those who are closest to them and therefore it becomes very difficult for the abused kids to expose them. These kids will live all their lives with this secret in their hearts and it will have a negative effect in their future lives. Most guardians/parent as well never want to face this reality and they will tend to shy away from this topic hence leaving these kids with psychological torture. What the ad is trying to do is absolutely perfect as it is trying to speak/give a speech on behalf of these kids.The ad cum copy is a tool that will reshape the thinking of people when it comes to matters of dealing with child abuse, the ad is also talking on behalf of the vulnerable in society. When people accept reality, kids will have a voice to speak out. There will be a significant reduction to child abuse when the issue is taken seriously and the first step to curbing the matter is by starting campaigns like this one to fight against child abuse.The ad is straightforward, it is against child sexual exploitation and that it is trying to give a voice to the abused kids. Most of these kids when putting in this situation, they might not have a choice but we do. Today those who abuse kids are those very closest to them hence becoming very difficult for one to recognize what happens to them because of fear. The NWG Network is taking measures to make sure that children welfare is put into consideration and that no one exploits these kids in any way, be it sexual, physical or emotional (HALLETT, S. (2017). The ad is also trying to raise funds either to fund the campaign or for use in the same.The ad is trying to make a warning to those who think they can just exploit kids sexually and get away with it, this message is mainly directed to the men who want to fulfil their sexual fantasies’ on kids. The culture of sexual harassment to young teenager within different ethnic communities because that is their way of life. Today everything has changed and people mustlive civilized and that those outdated cultures of sexual harassment must stop at all cost because it is regarded as child abuse and it is illegal.