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Critical Analysis of International Negotiation between Israel and Gaza in 20082009

It has been reported that they Qassam rockets have been launched over Israel over three thousand times in 2008. However, principle leaders of Hamas have been enraged by the continuing blockades which Israel have maintained and the lack of any significant political movement made by the agreement from June to December, therefore increased the number of rockets launched over Israel yet again. In response Israel instigated a counter-attack against Hamas, with a combination of air attack and naval attack on the Gaza Strip, ending with more than three hundred and fifty people dead, almost fifteen hundred injured and many buildings ruined. In further retaliation, Hamas leader declared that they would increase the amount of rockets launched, and send into Israel more suicide bombers (Taylor, 2008). On the 27th December air attacks over the Gaza Stripe, initiated by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), found target with over forty hits on Hamas headquarters, buildings and stores. This was the deadliest day in the sixty years that this war has been raging between Israel and Palestine. These events ignited protests in and around both these countries (Global Voices, 2008).Since the attack on 27th December by Hamas who broke the cease-fire by launching Qassam rockets over their territory, Israel have stated that they then had no alternative but to fight back by declaring hostilities on Gaza in retaliation. The Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, stated that they had attempted all they could in order to halt an offensive attack (Niva, 2009). Niva (2009) however, argues that these sentiments are extensively in opposition with the reality that Israel’s political, and also military leadership took several forceful moves throughout the cease-fire which made worse the crisis with Hamas, and may have even motivated Hamas to generate an excuse for the attack. Therefore, Niva (2009) believes that the current war that is now raging at the beginning of 2009, between