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Critique of the journal ‘mobs and monsters independent man meets Paulsgrove woman’ page 103111

The concept of ‘mob’ is an old thing. Crowds have an influence that is not clearly understood of its origin. As observed by Walkerdine and Blackman, understanding the behavior and the thoughts of the masses is a complex affair (Lawler 2000). The author cites that no equivocation is necessary so that the crowd can be turned into a mob. The idea of the Paulsgrove women seeking to get support for the campaign targeting sexual abusers was not calculative since they negated the influence of the mob. The overall effect of the crowd psychology gets to the women, they are easily recruited to mob and are also potential targets.Another issue that has been addressed in the journal is the aspect of lack of rationality. As le Bon describes the concept of lack of rationality, there are no long discussions that have been initiated due to the involvement of concepts that are abstract such as the rule of raw, principles and irony. The condemnation on the newspapers on the extent to which the Paulgrove protestors acted was not in any way fair. They were branded as people who fail to understand yet the reality is that there are much of the child abuse that has been happening across neighborhoods. There is much ignorance that is demonstrated when demonstrators begin protesting in the presence of the child molesters without their awareness.The pulsgrove demonstrations proved that the character of demonstrations is usually associated with lack of reasoning. this is the aspect that drives to the mob mentality. This acts as a psychological way of doing things in which the mob is influenced by their emotions to think and act in a certain way. In these protests, the suggestions, and the push made by the press acted as the reinforcement that made the demonstrators to be more aggressive. Lack of engagement in some form of aggression is usually treated as lack of rationality.Despite the view that feminity is gaining roots, some of its