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Depression Causes and Treatment

The present research has identified that depression is one of the most common illnesses in today’s world. However, it is also one of the most difficult to study, understand, and treat. The reason depression is such a tricky customer is that its geneses are very hard to pinpoint. Unlike other mental afflictions, which present clear symptoms and prognoses, depression manifests in ways that are difficult to diagnose immediately. For example, psychologists have stated that most depressed people are not even aware of their condition. In addition, depression is a symptom of some mental illnesses. therefore it is very easy to misdiagnose it. Amidst all this¸ it is important to consider the individual causes of depression. Is the environment all to blame, as most people believe, or is there a personal dimension to depression? Can individual behavior, conditions, or attitude trigger depression, or are external factors the only suspects? These questions will form the spine of this paper and will guide the arguments presented for and against the subject, as well as the conclusion. Hippocrates said that food is medicine and medicine is food. This might explain the connection between depression and nutrition because depression is an illness that affects the body as well as the mind. It is important to note that nutrition is closely linked to hormonal balance, and hormonal balance is associated with good moods and lack of depression (in both genders). Depending on the types of food people eat. Their hormones can be balanced or imbalanced, and this can have adverse effects on their moods. Research shows that the brain and the gut are always in touch with each through the vagus nerve. There is more evidence to show that there is a correlation between depression and obesity. Obesity raises the probability of developing depression and depression is symptomatic of progressive obesity. Studies show that most women eat more when they are depressed or emotionally stressed.