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Describe DoD Dir 8570 1

DoD Directive 8570 affiliation DoD Directive 8570 DoD Directive 8570 is a policy that requires all full-time and part-time military service members, civilians, foreign employees or contractors with access to the DoD information systems irrespective of job specialty to get a commercial certification credential credited by the American National Standards Institute. The policy requires all those involved in the military service to maintain a certified status with a particular number of hours of every year’s continuing professional education (Cooper,, 2010). DoD Directive 8570.1 provides military personnel with a professional certification that is internationally recognized as well as vendor neutral. The policy positions the professional security information as a distinctive job series and facilitates effectiveness as well as cost-efficiency of commercial certification in America. The directive recognizes the international standard – ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 as it provides a portable certification accepted in the private and public sectors. The directive has far-reaching implications that provide a neutral measure of quality of skills, knowledge, and abilities that every military personnel possesses (a way to standardize enterprise –wide certification). The policy eliminates consistent problems in the future that can be as a result of lack of regulated global recognized qualifications by providing a metric that can be measured easily and reliably (Bieber, 2008).In addition, the directive encourages military personnel to develop and evolve their skills and knowledge in continuing professional education. upgrade those skills and keep them current. It also tries to reduce language disparity in the future between makers of information security policy and those that implement the policy. Therefore, this directive serves as the vanguard for identifying security needs and policy-making requirements that are essential for national and governmental reforms in the future (Smith, 2009)ReferencesBieber, G. (2008). Educated and Trained Information Assurance Workforce: Key to Our Mission Success. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE WASHINGTON DC CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER.Cooper, S., Nickell, C., Piotrowski, V., Oldfield, B., Abdallah, A., Bishop, M. amp. Brynielsson, J. (2010). An exploration of the current state of information assurance education. ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 41(4), 109-125.Smith Jr, S. C. (2009). Strengthening Regulations Governing Use of Portable Media. MARINE CORPS COMMAND AND STAFF COLL QUANTICO VA.