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Design Drawing and Practical Skills

This it does by providing the describing the conceptual structure and empirical design. The document further applies the knowledge and skills for executing or developing product effectively and efficiently. Effective design specification gives a clear understanding of the objective of the project and helps identify the constraints involved.It further assists the design concept by allocating the required tools and resources for the whole project. It can help in installing checkpoints and regulations and ensuring the quality of the product by tracking progress (Landa 2011, p78). The required tools for the multi design include design requirement description and the work plan or the enterprise framework of the design, which carries the principles, policies and the regulation guiding the processes. It is vital for the team members of the design team have the guide that enables them get solution to their queries. The design specification document assists in the identification of the risks projected and ways of minimizing their chances of occurrence.Effective Project management in a multi-disciplinary design team is essential as it guides the activities in the project, in line with the available time and resources. Without a systematic project management framework, it is possible that the some tasks will take unnecessarily longer durations to complete, or may consume more resources. There are many project management tools as presented in the list below,Each of the tools is applicable in different project environments and specific nature of projects. Activity network for example applies in projects where the calculation of the critical path is required. Gantt chart is necessary where the sequence of activities, resources consumed and the time spent in each task is required. It also presents a graphical representation of the project activities. Work schedule is very simple as it contains the timing of each task