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Developing Strategy for PRW Communications

The recent recession has affected many of the PR consultancies adversely since most businesses are now averse to non-essential expenditures and advertising has been one of the major casualties. But this does not necessarily indicate that public relations consultancies cannot thrive during recessionary times as well, rather it may be necessary to adopt a different strategy to appeal to potential customers during lean times. PRW Communications is a small public relations firm that is based in Basingstoke in the United Kingdom. The Company consists of a group of freelance experts in web marketing, digital photography and PR work, therefore while it is based out of Basingstoke and caters primarily to companies in this region, it also has clients from all parts of the UK because it includes in its roster, freelance professionals working from all over the country. The Company has clear objectives – it works with small and medium-sized companies in helping them to find cost-effective solutions to their promotional needs. It promotes itself as one that is able to understand the challenges that are faced by small companies and the problems that they have to cope with because PRW is itself a small organization comprised primarily of professionals who work freelance from their own homes and thereby save on overhead costs. ( One of the tools the Company is already using to gather in more customers is its free web marketing health check ( This is an online form that requests customers to provide details about their existingweb marketing, so that the Company can provide an unbiased report about the relative efficacy of the techniques that are being used, including a Google report. It appears very likely that this is an excellent source for gathering new customers for the Company. On the one hand, it provides the organization with the opportunity to gain access to a vast potential customer base in a cost-effective manner and on the other hand, it provides the organization with the opportunity to offer its services in improving the public relations and web marketing efforts of these customers. Moreover, since the Company is comprised of freelance professionals using computers to communicate with each other while being based out of their own homes, the reduction in overhead costs offers a significant cost advantage to the firm which is beneficial during the current recessionary period.