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Discuss the challenges and benefits involved in using a health promotion approach to tackle the levels of depression experienced within the general population

This has been majorly attributed to the fact that research undertaken among these professionals to facilitate the understanding of mental health issues differ with regard to the methodologies, theories and language used to undertake the study.Stakeholders such as psychologist, sociologists, non-governmental organizations and governments have developed and implemented various approaches directed towards reducing various health challenges that arise due to cognitive problems. The level of efficacy among these approaches differs to a great extent. however, some of these challenges have shown a great level of relationship. Another most obvious characteristic of these challenges is the fact that they have benefits and to some extent demerits. This discussion will focus on the various approaches that are used to promote mental health among different populace and their associated challenges as well as benefits, specifically those that are applied towards reducing problems caused by depression.Depression one of the most common mental health challenges that are in the contemporary society. Most psychologists have described depression as disorder that affects an individual’s moods by causing continuous feelings of sadness as well as loss of interests in various human activities (Aguirre, 2008). In addition, depression has been cited as mental health challenge that can also affect an individual’s physical capacities and emotions by creating variation in an individual’s mode of thinking and behavior (Aguirre, 2008).One of the most common approach to addressing various levels of depression as a mental health challenge is the application of the Public Health Approach. Specifically, this approach involves the application of medical and psychological strategies geared towards changing the behaviors, lifestyles and coping mechanisms to challenges caused by depression. Public health approaches are closely related with the reduction of depression as a major