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Domestic Violence and the Effects It Has on Children

In nearly all the cultures domestic violence occurs and people of all the religions, sexes, classes and ethnicities are considered to be the perpetrators of domestic violence. There are different forms of domestic violence which actually includes physical violence, sexual abuse, economic deprivation and threats of violence. However, in most of the cultures, domestic violence is related to physical abuse. Similarly, there are different modes of domestic violence like Mode, Severity, Frequency and Permanent injury. Similarly, passive abuse leading to violence is often ignored by many individual and usually, this type of violence is considered to be in a veil and its subtle violence. The movement of women has drawn certain attention in this regard and in the early 1970s, the concern about wives who were beaten by their husbands gained the attention of different social organizations and communities. However, the issue of domestic violence and its awareness differs from culture to culture (Fall 2004). Studies and researches suggest that only one-third cases are reported in the developed countries the United States and the United Kingdom. Domestic violence usually takes the form of physical violence and it actually includes direct physical violence that ranges from unwanted physical contact to murderers and rape. Beside direct violence, there is indirect physical violence and it actually includes the destruction of objectives, throwing an object near to the victim or harming pets. Besides physical violence spousal abuse and emotional abuse is also included in domestic violence. Domestic violence also includes nonverbal threats which are body postures, gestures and facial expressions. Similarly, sabotaging the victim’s relationship and isolating them in both the short and the long run affects them negatively.