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Effective Teaching of Writing to Children as Writers



Teaching faces several challenges with its modification, allowing it to be a satisfying profession. It is said the grasping a meaning of the book is the ultimate purpose for reading, and children should not merely focus on what it says but on what it means (Flower and Hayes, 1984). The National Literacy Strategy is said to have achieved a great deal since its introduction in the autumn of 1998. Thousands of head teachers, teachers, and teaching assistants consistently carried out provision for the teaching and learning literacy in primary schools, making more sense to learners than was previously the case (Anwyll, 2001). The strategy is considered a tribute to the work of teachers in KS1 and children’s foundation stage in which the basis for expectations of continuous improvement is upon the time when children reach the end of KS2 and move on into secondary schools (Anwyll, 2001).&nbsp. &nbsp.In this paper, the key stages that will be subject to critical analysis are the stages involving children as writers. It is posited that children tend to write as they speak when they begin to write. Though this may be the case, spoken language is different from the written language in several ways, normally pushed by the permanence of the written word, the necessity to be concise and the often separation of the reader from the writer in time and space. More explicit grammatical structures and other organisational features are used by writers in their pursuit to communicate ideas, which are not the case with speakers whose reliance is on context, facial expressions, and pauses (Department for Education and Employment, 200, p. 8). &nbsp.It has been a pursuit of the new Primary Framework that the literacy of children is ensured alongside effective means on how to make children writers. The creation of children writers and the specified processes that goes with it is said to heighten the standard of school curricula aiming to raise the writing and language skills of children.