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Eliminating Healthcare Disparities in America

Other racial or ethnic minorities are also affected by these healthcare disparities. The prevalence of disparities among blacks and racial minorities is still high. Healthcare disparities are common in new AIDS cases among the Blacks and Hispanics, preventive care for pneumonia among the Asians, and communication with healthcare providers among the poor. Access to healthcare services is hampered by healthcare disparities and the response varies from one community to the other. Access to quality healthcare is not a guarantee and this is evident to the uninsured population. Healthcare coverage among the population is based upon the social class. The poor people especially those from the minority and ethnic groups tend to have poor coverage and this has been linked to racial disparities (Mullner, 2009). The federal government should take into consideration the minority and ethnic groups within the population. They should come up with a better policy that addresses the needs of these groups. The most vital thing is to understand how their cultures operate and they will be in a better position to assist them in the best way.