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Emergency Management (How has modern technology improved emergency response capabilities and how will this technology impact or improve future emergency response operations)

The software development process is focused on developing methods to generate high resolution fused data studies to create three-dimensional product view among other features for correct forecasting, generating accurate weather alerts, which is just one of the various features of software development.The future promises new technological improvements on emergency communication in the times of disaster. Technological advancements also offer new challenges to apply new innovations in the current Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programs. The ongoing communication programs need to be revised for assimilating future additions of modern technology. Cyber Security amp. Communications (CSamp.C) has always played a leading part in the overall security of the nation’s 18 important infrastructure divisions under Homeland Security President Directive-7 (HSPD-7). CSamp.C is behind all the government communications programs related to priority services such as GETS, which is a White House initiated emergency telecommunications service, offering communications support to all government and non-government missionsEmergencies are not a new phenomenon in the contemporary as well as the previous world. Everyone existing in any part of world has experienced, witnessed or heard of these detrimental phenomenona. Emergencies result due to uncertain disasters that threaten to ruin lives of human beings. Emergencies are never desired or planed by human beings, but occur unfortunately. Even if human beings do not plan or desire emergencies, they sometimes by mistake contribute to the occurrence of the demise within their respective societies. Emergencies due to human mistakes results from wars either civil or political, environmental pollution and setting of impractical policies destined at bettering security and food safety. Natural emergencies occur due to uncontrolled natural calamities like earthquakes, storms,