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ENG 315 Presentation Critique

Presentation Critique: Meals on Wheels – Meal Delivery for Seniors Presentation Critique: Meals on Wheels – Meal Delivery for SeniorsENG 315 Presentation CritiquePresenter:Evaluator:Date:Rating Key1) Unacceptable. 2) Meets Minimum Expectations. 3) Fair. 4) Proficient. 5) ExemplaryPresentation CriterionEvaluator Comments Give specific comments and make specific recommendations. Rating Scale (1-5)Delivery Did the speaker use vocal variety (avoid a monotone)? Were vocal fillers (um, uh, like) kept to a minimum?Did the speaker avoid jargon and slang? The speaker used vocal variety particularly when shifting along the 3 modes of persuasion: ethos, pathos, and logos. The shifting was particularly obvious when presenting slides 2 (ethos — when introducing how and when the company started), 3 amp. 4 (logos — when providing statistical figures on the issues faced by the seniors in terms of food), and 7 (pathos — when hinting to the audience that feeling hungry and alone is sad).There was little to zero noticeable speech crutches during the presentation. The whole presentation sounded solid and well prepared.There was no observed jargon during the presentation. The audience can easily understand every terminology. The presentation is simply worded and direct, making it charming.555IntroductionDid the speaker introduce the topic? Did the speaker gain the audience’s interest with an attention getter?The topic was introduced but not to the point where everyone will have an idea on what Meals on Wheels (program) is all about. While it can be concluded from the title that the program is a meal-delivery system for the seniors, the presentation could have started with a visual description of how it will be like to have food easily and readily available to people who need it. However, this did not ruin the overall understanding of the audience on the topic.The opening statement is very catchy and able to get the audience interest. The speaker said: Meals on wheels is taking action to end senior hunger. Not only is the opening line catchy, it immediately gives a hint of the problem that the presentation is trying to resolve.45ContentWere the main points emphasized? What was the pattern of organization used? Was this pattern effective? Explain why or why not.Were there transitions between major points and sections of the speech?The main points, such as what the program is, what the problem is, statistical data proving there is indeed a continuing problem, why the problem needs to be alleviated, and what the program can do were properly emphasized. However, the important detail of how a senior can enroll in the program was left out.The speaker utilized the problem solution pattern of speech, where the presentation informs the audience of the risks of the problem, the importance, the causes, and the solution. This pattern is alerts the audience to the fact that the issue is something to be concerned of.No, there were no transitions carried out, which makes some area of the presentation abruptly stopped. Good transitional phrases would be: Why do we need to know this? Such would also recapture the attention of the audience. 453ConclusionDid the speaker summarize the presentation? Did the speaker wrap up with a strong closing statement?The presentation was summarized, but somewhat too briefly. The summary was only about what the program does. It did not reiterate the reality of the problem, and did not restate how the program is a big relief for this problem.Taken on the emotional level, the closing statement is strong. However, it lacked information. The closing statement seems to call for people to take action: Every one of us can play a very important role in the life of a senior. I encourage you to make a difference! How? Can ordinary people call and enroll a senior? Make donations? Call in to report a suspected hungry senior?43Visuals What visuals did you find effective in the presentation, and why?What kinds of visuals would have made the presentation more effective, and why? The powerpoint presentation provided enough visual map for the audience to allow them to follow and understand the presenation better as the speaker talks.The presentation extremely lacks visual appeal. The powerpoint does not have interesting graphs or screenshots of statistical data, which would have greater impact compared to when only verbally presented. It could have provided old photos of the program since it had been around since WW2. The presentation could have also included some photos of the program operating in Great Britain, Australia, or Canada. It could have provided photos of seniors who acceded to interviews for the program. It could have provided a sample menu. A better slide transition could also provide more impact, especially if the words or photos that appear are coordinated with the speaker’s words.33Use of TechnologyHow did the technology used enhance or detract from the presentation? The technology used did not detract the audience from the presentation. However, the optimum potential of the technology was not maximized. The technology used, like the powerpoint, is actually simple but could provide great impact when used fully. A good inclusion would be photos, screenshots, etc. A better transition of the words and slides could also be done.3