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product service or brand of your choice you are required to answer the following three questions"It actively supports candidates who draft public policies that are related to the brand and its products. The company has its own political action committee Kraftpac which makes valuable contributions to the US Federal and State political parties and candidates. however all corporate contributions are made as permitted by law (Kraft Foods Group, 2014).
The economic downturn has also affected Kraft Food sales. however it quickly launched strategies which helped it to recover from this difficult situation. For instance, it came up with meal solutions through which consumers got make the most of their grocery dollars and get quality food at reasonable rates (Kraft Foods Inc., n.d. [a]).
In 2013, the sales of its refrigerated meals, beverages, snack nuts and enhancers increased while the sale of its cheeses decreased slightly (Zacks Equity Research, 2014). however it did miss its target slightly.
On social front, Kraft Food is quite active and gives priority to health, well-being and nutrition issues. It has earned a name for itself in fighting obesity on one hand and malnutrition and hunger on the other (Siegert, 2013). It has emerged as a strong oppose of negative lifestyles and also been vocal about food quality and safety. Health maintenance, water purification and unaffordable nutrition are other factors it has been working on.
During the anti-obesity drive, the company launched a policy not to target children below 6 years with its advertisements (Siegert, 2013). Better-for-you-products are advertised to children aged between 6 to 11 years. In school advertising has been eliminated and in Europe, the nutrition content is also mentioned on the packages to help consumers adopt a healthy lifestyle (Kraft Foods Inc., n.d. [c]). Kraft Foods has also lowered salt content and fat content from some of its products (Kraft Foods Inc., n.d. [c]).
Innovation has always been the hallmark of Kraft Foods. It uses technology to its advantage and has come with