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For my final post I have speak about the middle ground to a previous argument I wrote about The argument I chose


For my final post I have speak about the middle ground to a previous argument I wrote about. The argument I chose

was whether college athletes should be paid. I did this using the Toulmin essay where I showed both sides of the argument. Would the middle ground to this subject be something like not paying athletes but maybe giving them more towards living expenses? Im not sure if I have understood what the whole middle concept means. Thanks

Week 8 Forum: The Middle Ground Method of Argumentation/Concluding Thoughts
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Your initial response should be at least 200 words. You need to respond to two students’ initial posts, and each of these re
Unlike the Toulmin and Rogerian methods where one side is argued over another, the Middle Ground argument mediates between two sides of an issue hopefully arriving at a compromise solution between two
Please include both answers in one initial post with extra space between them.
Middle Ground Discussion: For this discussion, choose an issue that you wrote about previously in this course (either your Toulmin or Rogerian essay). Let the class know your previous claim and briefly how you
proved this claim in your essay. After this brief review discussion, discuss how you would have approached this particular topic if you were to write a Middle Ground argument, instead of a Toulmin or Rogerian
argument. Would you have adjusted your claim? If so, what sort of adjustment would you need? Would you have to find additional sources about your topic in order to prove this new claim? Is a middle ground solution a
more practical solution to your chosen issue?
In your responses to your classmates on the Middle Ground discussion, let your classmate know which argument appears to be stronger: the original claim or the new middle ground claim. Please make sure to explain
why. If you disagree with both claims, that’s fine – let your classmate know why you disagree in a bias-free manner.
Concluding Remarks: Secondly, during this course, you have read quite a few arguments, critiqued some of these arguments, and written essays using various methods of argumentation. Take a moment to consider
your future courses at APUS and/ or your current/future career field. How can you incorporate what you have learned into your career or education?
In your responses to your classmates on their concluding remarks, feel free to compare your approach to your classmates. You may also help students find additional ways to use
argumentation/persuasion in their chosen educational/career field.
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