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Gay Lesbians and Mental Illness

This is so because mental health personnel and society at large were given biased information, to begin with. The resultant conclusions were biased too because some time ago, only those gay/lesbians undergoing medical treatment were involved in the studies. But it soon became apparent that homosexuality was not a mental syndrome when researchers studied data of those who were not undergoing therapy.It was not only the mental health professional themselves who were guilty of this belief. Until 1973, even a prestigious organization as the American Psychiatric Association was guilty of this practice for they used to include homosexuality in the official manual that listed mental and emotional disorders. And it took American Psychological Association another two years to pass the resolution supporting the action of the APA. Some people still cling to the idea that mental illness is associated with homosexual orientation. It was the new and better-designed research methods that helped turn the tables in reaching this momentous decision on behalf of the gay/lesbians. Now, all concerned are in agreement that homosexuality is not an illness, mental disorder or an emotional problem. But it was not until more than three decades have passed that the situation was finally remedied. It is gratifying to note that much research has been done on the subject.Tori DeAngelis is a writer who is based in New York. She writes prolifically on homosexuality and related issues. She unearths valuable data on the lesbian/gay and bisexual (LGB) mental health and states that new findings overturn beliefs that were held previously inviolable. She reports on some of the new ‘breakthrough studies’ that offer fresh insights into the mental state of gay/lesbians. According to her, many such studies indicate that compared to heterosexuals, gay/lesbians seem to have higher rates of mental disorders.Of course, this does not rise to the levels of serious pathology.