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Global Heath Priorities

Assignment: Global health Project (a) Philosophy of Global health project Death is inevitable and diseases and illness will bring it sooner or later. However, it is the basic need of a human being to get the basic needs of a medical treatment that will let him die with less pain and dignity. The philosophy of our mission is to make sure that technology based health solutions are delivered to all the human beings in the world equally, particularly, conditions which have been eradicated from most of the developed countries but still prevalent in the third world countries (CDC – Resources for New Health Officials – STLT Gateway, 2012). The project will try to serve those suffering the most no matter what their financial, ethnic and social status is. (b) Priorities of the Project1. Getting the most accurate health care data compared to the economic condition of the country (Blue/London, 2010). 2. Identify and prioritize the diseases as per their need to eradicate in terms of their vulnerability to life. 3. Discovering the main reasons causing serious problems in communicable and non-communicable diseases 4. Developing effective and affordable health care system in developing countries5. Delivering the right information and education the public to stay healthy and away from diseases6. A strong venture for eradicating malaria in African countries for developing new treatments and expanding malaria control programs 7. A strong and effective approach to educate people to stay away from HIV/Aids in countries like India. 8. Expanding the project of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases like Polio, Pneumonia and flu. 9. Expanding the educational programs for people to make them healthy that range from eating healthy diets and doing regular physical activities to stay away from habits like smoking and alcohol usage that lead to various problems References1. Blue/London, L. (2010, Nov 27). Retrieved from,8599,1687159,00.html2. CDC – Resources for New Health Officials – STLT Gateway. (2012, January 31). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. RetrievedMarch7, 2013, from United States Department of Health and Human Services (n.d.). Communicable Diseases. RetrievedMarch7, 2013, from