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Global Sustainability And Key Needs In Future Of Automobile Industry

The financial concerns do impact the sustainability of the future of the automobile industry, but another factor that has more impact is the increasing environmental concerns surrounding the industry. The global growth in vehicle use has significantly increased fuel demand, materials and air emissions (Mcauley, 2003). According to the statics provided by Euromonitor International (2007), the global oil consumption for transport was approximately 16.8 billion barrels. In terms of PESTEL analysis for the automobile industry, the use of oil is causing environmental concerns all around the world. As a result of the environmental threat, the automobile industry faces the challenge of reducing the vehicle impact on the environment so that it can be sustainable in terms of the environment over the next 50 years (Mcauley, 2003). This emphasizes the importance of innovation in terms of technology to achieve greater sustainability in the future.This research will focus on the future of automobile industry by evaluating the present conditions the industry is in and the achievement towards sustainable development while assessing the potential challenges and problems that are causing a hindrance in this regard. The research will take into account two automobile manufacturers: Toyota and General Motors and evaluate its sustainable development goals and assess if they are successful or not. The reason for doing so is to identify the problems and solutions based on the experience of Toyota and General Motors.According to the Toyota European Sustainability Report (2009), the UK automotive industry is at present facing huge challenges which are becoming more complex given the economic downturn in the region and globally.