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Government Grants for Alternative Energy Source

Apart from reducing the carbon emissions the technology also helps in reducing the consumption of the limited fossil fuels, this figure of reduced conventional fuels comes out to be a reduction of around 60,000 pounds of coal (Alternative Energy, n.d.) There are added advantages of using such energy source. it eliminates the acid rains and overall pollution of the atmosphere. However it is not always that simple, the electrical suppliers are reluctant to change their conventional way of producing electricity, this is where the government’s role is most important. Some of the argumentations present the fact that the production of the solar panels itself consumes a lot of energy, although the argument is self-funded but many studies have shown that the amount of electricity used to make a solar panel is equivalent to the amount of electricity that the panel will generate in two years time, hence this debt will be paid in that time (Alternative Energy, n.d.) The other most common environmentally friendly power generation system is driven by the forces of nature itself, wind. This technology has been around for quite some time now. there are quite a few areas that are generating their complete power supply through this system. Studies have shown that the use of wind power generation has doubled three times between 1999 and 2000. in the year 2000, the electricity produced by these systems was around 10,000 megawatts. This amount of electricity is enough to power five cities of the size of Miami (Alternative Energy, n.d.) Yet again there are problems associated with producing electricity using wind, one of the most practical problems with using wind is that some places are more prone to favorable winds than others. the places with lower winds are ineligible for the use of this technology.